Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smugglers Blues

Yes, drug dealers are the lowest of the low - way down there with child molesters, fox hunters and people who walk behind the bowlers arm and then wave when their image appears on the big screen.

But THIRTEEN YEARS for Chris Lewis??? Talk about pour encourager les autres. It's an astonishing sentence, bearing in mind Lewis wasn't actually the dealer - who is presumably happily walking the streets of London as I write this. yes, you need to send a message to anyone else tempted to try and make a fast buck by carrying a load of charlie through customs - but thirteen years?

Actually, the judge may be being quite cute here. Maybe we should be looking a bit closer at the 'other offences to be taken into consideration' stuff that normally comes out in court. Maybe Lewis is being punished for the far more serious crime of 'criminal waste of an extraordinary natural talent' that he was arguably guilty of during his career.

Serious question - reports say that Lewis was totally penniless and destitute before taking up the offer of being a 'mule'. So where were the Professional Cricketers Association when all this was going? Presumably they were aware of the situation - or was he kicked out of the union after the 'match fixing' allegations.

As Lewis himself said - 'the guy who blows the whistle gets dicked on'. (Link goes to a good article, by the way - well worth a read)

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harry said...

Can't say that Lewis attracts much sympathy, but it jars a little that the unspeakable who raped a 2 yr old got a shorter sentence (12 yrs) which is effectively cancelled by running it concurrent with his life term for his part in the death of Baby P.