Saturday, May 16, 2009

Final Countdown

The Thunderer have done one of the those '100 Greatest Cricketers of All Time' surveys. Rather than let members of the great unwashed have a say they left it up to Christopher Martin - Hyphen to make the choice. CMJ can be a bit pompous, but you can't argue with his knowledge and experience.

So far they've published 11-100 and are making us wait until Monday before they reveal the top 10. You can assume Bradman, Viv Richards, Hobbs, Sobers, Warne, Kumble, Gilchrist, Tendulkar...

It's the sort of thing you can spend hours trawling through and picking holes in. I gave up after about fifteen minutes, with the following observations -

No Willis? He's a whiny old git, but he's the only one with 300 plus test wickets who's been left out.

Is KP really better than Waugh, Gower, Cowdrey and Greenidge?

Is Flintoff better than Courtney Walsh, Holding or Shaun Pollock?

Alan Knott and Ian Healy - but no Rodney Marsh?

No Ian Chappell?

No Matthew Hayden - unless I've missed something, or he's in the top 10.

I'm sure you'll find your own nits to pick. Have fun - I'll post the top 10 on Monday.

1 comment:

harry said...

Michael Holding way behind Snow and Waqar?
Was CM-J busy cutting the cake when he bowled at the Oval?

And his anti-Flintoff snoberry thing is writ large here. The all-round champion of the greatest ever Ashes Holding, lagging along way behind (Sussex's!) Snow.

It'll take afew beers to sort this out!