Monday, May 25, 2009

Claret and Champagne

A rare cross-over into football territory to say 'congratulations' to Burnley for winning promotion to the Premiership.

To any non-Brits reading this, let's just say that Burnley is a small town (pop. 75,000 odd) in Lancashire where they still point at aeroplanes and marvel at the wonders of electricity. Interesting times ahead when they start facing up to the likes of ManUre, London French and Chelski...

On a topical note, the cricket team produced Jimmy Anderson.

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harry said...

Founder members of the football league, nextseason will be the 50th anniversary of when the Clarets last won the top division.

By my reckoning, only 12 clubs have won it since Burnley.

Which should give the tearful Geordies, Blades et al something to ponder next time they bleat on about being big clubs (because they aren't on that list)