Friday, May 15, 2009

Scared of the Dark

Isn't it about time KP grew a pair?

You start to think that Jimmy Anderson must owe him a lot of money, or done something utterly heinous to offend him, the number of times Jim has to go out and face the (chin) music because Kev either can't be arsed, or is scared of making a low score.

Last night was another fine example - or horrible one, depending on your viewpoint. Not only did Anderson nearly get decapitated by a pumped up Fidel Edwards, but KP was actually sitting out on the balcony having a good laugh about it with Ravi Bopara. Also note that Kev didn't have his whites on, so presumably had Jimmy got out, yet another sucker would have had to go out to spare the poor lamb from having to do what batsmen are supposed to do.

One final point - how would Pietersen, or the England management, be feeling if Anderson had broken a finger or a wrist, and thus been ruled out of the rest of the game and possibly longer?


Dave said...

Slightly ironic that Eyeliner ended up having to protect Jimmy from the Windies.

If you're going to send someone out, why not Bresnan? He's expendable, so it doesn't matter as much if he gets hit.

Mark said...

You'd have thought Bresnan would have jumped at the chance - just to get the commentators saying his name.