Monday, May 04, 2009

Losing our Religion?

From Vinay Verma via the Corridor of Uncertainty.

"Lord’s, SCG, MCG, Eden Gardens, Adelaide Oval are all “temples”/ “churches” for the religion we call cricket. The millions that participate in it and never have the oppurtunity to visit the temple do so with as much, if not more, dignity than the many who go to the temple to appear virtuous . The celebration of the game in Afghanistan or Nepal is as noble and dignified as the greats who have given us so much pleasure. Religion is meaningless unless it is practiced as it was intended.

Dignity comes from service to the game. Without any thought of the rewards. And there are a few administrators who would do well to remember this. The vast majority play the game for the sheer love and enjoymnet. It is only a few that actually get paid to play and more power to them for the enjoyment they give us.

Administrators need to be more prudent when accepting revenue from Broadcasters and sponsors. Stanford stands exposed and the judgement is still out on the IPL. The aura of dignity around Lords is somewhat lessened.

The BCCI’s complicity with the corporates will ultimately compromise their charter. Custodianship demands good and transparent governance.

Cricket will survive this temporal loss of dignity and continues to be meaningful even in this twitter twitter world."

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