Thursday, May 03, 2007

No sleep 'til Manchester

The sad death of Tom Cartwright, referred to in the post below, reminds me of this match - surely one of the most boring events that ever passed itself off as 'sport' in the history of humanity.

Check out some of the bowling figures. Cartwright came back with 77-20-118-2. Amazingly he was outbowled - statisically, at least, by Aussie off-spinner Veivers who managed to wheel through 95 overs. NINETY FIVE!! Saj Mahmood hardly bowls that amount in an entire summer. To bowl the six hundred overs the two teams got through would take a modern attack seven and a half days!

If an innings lasted 293 overs, as England's did in that test, you'd anticipate a score of twelve hundred plus based on current scoring rates: -

"Hello from Trent Bridge, where the latest news is that England are nine hundred and eighteen for six, still requiring one hundred and seventy to avoid the follow on. Kevin Pietersen has four hundred and sixty two not out...."

Australia had finished their innings around tea time on the third day. Whilst the teams were changing over, a local journalist wandered out to the middle - back then you were allowed onto the outfield during breaks, before the authorities deemed that there should be a strict demarcation line between them and us.

He spotted a strange furrow on the wicket. It was six inches long, three inches wide and a quarter of an inch deep just short of a good length at one end of the pitch. Sensing a possible scandal he took it up with the umpires. They said they'd seen it, but could do nothing about it as it had been caused by Cartwright who had continually pitched the ball in that area, over after over, to such an extent that it had worn away the wicket.

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