Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to react to sledging

The scenario - You're a psychopathic New York gangster. It's 1970. You're having a quiet drink in a bar with two friends. At the other end of the room a group of people are having a drink to celebrate the release of one of them from prison.

The sledge - "Go get your shinebox!"

How do you respond?

Do you -

A) Call out - "Hey Billy, who's been sleeping with your old lady whilst you've been inside?"


B) Return to the bar later in the evening, stab the sledger, then give him a good shoeing whilst he's on the floor. Then you put him in the boot of your car, stab him again repeatedly with a carving knife you've borrowed from your mother, bury him - and then a fortnight later dig up the body and bury it again.

The answer: - Must surely be A). Although it's likely to cause a bit of a ruckus in the short term and will earn you a slap, it's preferable to B) which will inevitably result in you being hauled up in front of an ICC disciplinary panel with a years ban from test cricket the likely outcome.

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harry said...


So who did Woolmer sledge back in the 70's?