Friday, May 18, 2007

Hold onto your ego

Quote of the Day: -

"We've tried a split captaincy before and it doesn't work. The best
thing is to get Michael Vaughan fit and playing well." (Michael Vaughan)

Only two things wrong with that: -

1) It did work. Adam Hollioake led England to the only One Day International trophy they've ever won. The practice stopped when Alec Stewart took over from Mike Atherton as test captain and insisted on doing both jobs. English ODI cricket hasn't really recovered since then.

2) Why on earth has Vaughan suddenly started adopting the habit, beloved by egomaniacs everywhere, of referring to himself in the third person?


harry said...

Vaughan is building up a real challenge for himself ... one day, The Legend That He Has Become will perhaps be fit enough to play cricket again.
If he'd been fit today, regular centurion Bell would've been summarily discarded in favour of TLTHHB, despite the fact that he's played no test cricket for a couple of years, and looked frankly poor in the one-day stuff. No matter: he would have been selected purely for being Michael Vaughan.
He was disappointed not to be used more by England out in Oz. Today, he sat himself next to Strauss, doubtless dispensing wisdom a-plenty, from the unrivalled position as Ashes Winning Mastermind.

If I'd been Strauss, I'd've told him to pi55 off back to the physio's, and once he'd done there, to get in the nets prior to asking Goughy if he'd consider giving him a knock for Yaaarkshire.

I was as thrilled as the next cricket nut when we retrieved the Urn. But the praise heaped upon all & sundry wore thin long ago, and the deification of the captain of a team which won by the narrowest of margins, in all probability thanks to a freak injury to McGrath, has become not only nauseating, but is holding back the emergence of a new side.

Anonymous said...

A split captaincy worked wonderfully well in Australia in 2003.

Scott thinks that Michael Vaughan's ego is just fine.