Sunday, May 27, 2007

Every picture tells a story

Something to keep you occupied during the inevitable Bank Holiday' Rain Stops Play' interlude.

Ten faces from the seventies to mull over...

1. Grizzly Adams look alike who would have been a world beater if all tests were played in overcast conditions.

2. Described as looking like a 'book keeper at a biker convention' in the Australian side of the mid seventies. According to some Aussies I met in Sydney last winter, he has something the size of a bat handle hanging between his legs...

3. Bridged the fast bowling gap between the 'Hall/Griffith' era, and the 'Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse'.

4. Never really recovered from being described as the first 'next Sobers'.

5. He and his brother took over 500 test wickets between them.

6. Sir Geoffrey's worst nightmare.

7. The best slip fielder England have ever had. Uniquely did something twice that very few batsmen in the history of the game have ever even done once.

8. The size of a lock forward. Used to use a club, rather than a bat. Allegedly went on a drinking binge with Ian Botham that lasted four days.

9. A 'happy hooker'. Befriended Sarfraz Nawaz in memorable scenes at Perth in 1979.

10. Much heralded - scored a wonderful hundred on his test debut, but then never got past 40 in eight more tests.


Tony.T said...

1. Mike Hendrick
2. Ashley Mallett
3. Keith Boyce
4. Brendan, sorry, Bernard Julien
5. Dale Hadlee
6. ?
7. Graham Roope
8. Lance Cairns
9. Andrew Hilditch
10. ? Putting the picture together with the clue I come up with Dirk Welham, but it's not him.

harry said...

10. Frank Hayes.

Debut ton v Windies, then developed a habit of leaving deliveries destined for off-stump.

Legend at Lancs, once scored 34 off an over.