Monday, January 19, 2009

Rotten Borough

I suppose you should be careful what you wish for... I was hoping for a contest, but had in mind a slightly less 'establishment' figure to carry the standard for everyone appalled by the way the ECB has handled itself recently.

Instead, we now hear that Lord Marland is going to challenge Giles Clarke for the chairmanship.

Let's see: -
  • Tory
  • Peer of the realm
  • City financier
  • MCC member
Mmmm - he certainly ticks all the right boxes for me...

If successful I make it that it will be his third job - just what you need at the head of such an important body in the coming years.

The electorate consists of 18 county chairman, and the head of the MCC. That's nineteen people, totally unmandated, deciding on the future direction of an organisation in which all English cricket fans have a stake. At least it won't take them long to count the ballot papers - though with the ECB in charge I'm not going to hold my breath, just in case.

By the way, I presume that 'Lord' isn't Marland's real first name - either that or his parents were incredibly presumptive.

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