Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chien morde l'homme

Blog headline of the year so far.

Bravo Tone!


Tony said...


It's only January.

When you go too hard, too early, someone is bound to swamp you in the home straight.

Jrod said...

Hello dear blogging friend,

Cricket with balls has now moved, true story.

We are now at, so if you could update our address in your blogroll that would be great.

Ofcourse if you already had us down as .com, never mind.


Ann oDyne said...

greetings mr Knotty
I stalked you back here from Tony's Drawn Stumps Grog blog.

The Chirac-attack doglet looks like a bichon frise to me, not poodle or maltese as it has been described in various 'news' snips.
I do support it's social stance, however.
ALL domesticated canines are descended from wolves, even the tiny fluffy ones.

I note from your profile that you take pleasure in the reading of the Chips Channon Diaries. Hear Hear and Amen. I love that book and re-read it frequently, particularly enjoying his reference to Robert G Menzies as he met in Cairo and was helpful to. RG became PM of Australia and spent most of his regime, on boats to England for the cricket.

Mark said...

JRod - long time no see... maybe a beer or two at the Oval this summer, assuming you still mix with the proletariat in your new role?!!

Ann - welcome aboard.