Sunday, January 04, 2009

Room at the top

An interesting idea from Scyld Berry in the Torygraph this morning - appoint the King of Spain as interim coach.

Here's another suggestion. Get rid of Moores, whose position now is surely untenable, and let the ECB find him some sort of paid sinecure within the organisation - something they seem to be pretty good at. Then offer Michael Vaughan the job up until the end of Australia series, on the understanding that he's not going to get paid much, because he's already getting a pretty decent salary through his central contract.

Vaughan can then reapply for the job, if he wants it, once his central contract comes to an end.

Of course, an even better option would be to bring back Duncan Fletcher - but even if the ECB were to consider it, I reckon Fletcher is too proud to accept bearning in mind the way his was treated.

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