Sunday, January 11, 2009

Call a Plumber!

So if KP didn't leak details of his meeting with Giles Clarke (Link) then who did?

Presumably the ECB will be holding an internal inquiry to find out the source of the leak - after all, it's prompted the biggest crisis in English cricket for over thirty years.


SpecialZ said...

Thirty years?

(Nice pic of Alan KNott)

Mark said...

Packer - 1977.

Before that, D'olivera.

Authorities didn't exactly cover themselves in glory then either.

Naked Cricket said...

call a plumber - touché

Anonymous said...

Losing 5-0 should have been the biggest crisis in English crickect in 30 years, but wasn't.

This is a pantomime, but at least the right man is in the job now.

Mark said...

Losing 5-0 was down to incompetence on the field, poor selection and being unlucky with injuries.

Kevgate was caused by serious internal structural defects in the ECB.