Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Travelling Man

Here's Mike Atherton, in this morning's Thunderer, on the recall of Steve Harmison -

"His selection is as uninspiring as his recent record in international cricket and his attitude.

"Surely, it sends a terrible message: that it does not matter if, time and again, you do not so much cherish and nurture your talent as abuse it; and that it does not matter if, time and again, you turn up unprepared, there will always be another chance."

Have to say I do have some sympathy with Athers on this - although you can't argue with the fact that Harmison has done exactly what the selectors told him to do on the way home from New Zealand in order to get back in the side.

I don't think the story ends happily here though. A suitably motivated Harmy will likely bowl well at Edgbaston and The Oval - enough to book his ticket on the plane to India... which is where the homesickness problems could start to rear their head and we'll be back to square one again.


Mark said...

Ok, it didn't quite happen like that! Those pesky selectors eh!

harry said...

Ah well, I think Steve Rouse bowled 'em one back of a length down the corridor of uncertainty.

Personally, I'm glad the big girl's blouse isn't representing us.

But I'm sorry for young Broady, who could be forgiven for wondering what the Legendary Captain actually offers which he doesn't.....

Perhaps he needs a rest, but it is a shame to drop him, because it might be hard for him to get back in. Sadly for him, he isn't playing in a winning team, and certain players are immoveable. So, it's "last-in-first-out" of course, as the best way to avoid the sort of dressing-room embarrassment caused by the arrival of an outsider last week.

Tony said...

Harmison has a bit for everyone.

You guys have 2005.

We have the first ball in 2006.

Stevie said...

the gift that keeps on giving.