Monday, July 14, 2008

Final indecision

Tony is spot on regarding the ICC changing of the result of the 'forfeited' Oval Test.

The precedent this now sets is scary when you start to think about it.

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Tybalt said...

It is theoretically possible to use the power of the internet to organize the consumers of cricket on a scale that would not have been possible before. Such an organization would be necessarily incomplete, but it would provide those who truly love the game (as opposed to the administrators who now run the game as a private club, equally as odious as those aristocrats who ran the game in the bad old days of Empire) to put political pressure to prevent such things from happening.

But in all honesty, could such an organization last amidst the inevitable politics of faction? I distinctly remember the blind, splenetic outrage of the Pakistan supporters at what transpired in 2006. However much we love the game, I do not think ultimately that we as fans will be able to save it. We are too weak and too divided, and ultimately too partisan to change those two facts.