Monday, January 14, 2008

A Quick One

Remember this from July last year?

In the last paragraph I asked, rather rhetorically I thought, what would happen if he tried it in a Test rather than a meaningless 20/20 game.

Well, now we know.


Tony said...

Well spotted, Mark.

I only saw a bit of the action the other night, but when Samuels darted another one I was moved to wonder "What's going on there?"

By the way: A Quick One live from the Rock 'n' Roll Circus is my all-time favourite rock film clip and one of my two favourite Who songs. The other is Pure And Easy.

Mark said...

Tony - Pure & Easy is an awesome track, and to think it was never officially released!

Tony said...

Dunno if you're aware, Mark, but Pete Townshend has a blog a while back on which he was writing some kind of serialised story.

It was a pretty weird story in that way Pete is weird, but at least he interacted with his commenters, of which there were thousands.

I left a comment asking if he could possibly remix Who's Next, which I've always felt was a little muddy, and replace Song Is Over with Pure and Easy.

He didn't reply, so I assume my request is off the agenda. For now.

Mark said...

I read bits of Townsend's online book Tone - heavy going to be honest.

A remix of Who's Next is a thought, but maybe sometimes it's best to leave things alone - see the imperfections as evidence of something legitimate, rather than over-worked.