Saturday, January 26, 2008

Any Given Sonntag

To celebrate Superbowl Week, here's something for all Gridiron fans.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Green Bay for a while so i follow gridiron, as aussies call it.

A Yank mate over there is a banking big wig with close ties to the Manning family.

A few years ago i said to him 'how good is Peyton, shame he can't win in the play-off's'.

He said ' he will, and wait to you see see his brother Eli he will be better'.

So far he has been right about Peyton in the post season, as for Eli being better i guess a super bowl win would be a decent first step.

Go the cheese heads in 08-09, i hope Favre goes around again. He is the Flintoff of the NFL, turning up to press confrances with hot dog stains on his crappy 10 y.o t-shirt.