Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everybody needs good Neighbours

For years, two guys have lived close to each other in North London. For a long time, both of them were happy, successful at work, regular purchasers of new cars, a steady stream of attractive girlfriends, living in impressive, but sensible sized houses in the same street.

Then suddenly, one of the blokes became far more successful than the other. Better quality girlfriends, more success at work, and generally starting to look down his nose at his less well off neighbour. The crunch came when he got a very competitive loan from a Middle Eastern Bank and was able to buy himself one of the best looking houses in the area, whilst the other guy got into debt, and was forced to merely make do and mend with what he had.

As the years went by it got worse and worse. For one of the men, massive welath and riches, regular trips to the capitals of Europe, for the other, a cut price existence with little reward. At one stage the well off guy even went to the stage of openly courting the other bloke's stunning girlfriend - and then finally snaring her in an emotionally charged evening at a local nightclub.

Finally after years of inferiority and put-downs, something snapped with the second bloke. He invited his neighbour round for dinner, and then proceeded to tie him up and humiliate him in the most graphic ways imaginable - filming the whole event so he could show it to his friends whenever he wanted. He also repeatedly violated his girlfriend, taking copious numbers of photogrpahs which he distributed to every media outlet he could think of.

That's what Spurs did to Arsenal last night.

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London Fields CC said...

the sight of the humilated neighbours children fighting in the living room was a joy!