Friday, October 05, 2007


When it comes to writing the history of mankind, you can forget Athens, Rome, the Incas or the Aztecs. All right thinking people know that the South London/North Kent area is the real cradle of civilisation. Even better, the 'new enlightenment' movement at TRSM Towers is right at the hub of the universe. Consider the evidence: -

Oldest cricket club in the world - Mitcham CC

Second oldest test match ground in the world - The Oval

According to, the site of the oldest recorded cricket match -Sevenoaks Vine

Oldest rugby club in the world - Blackheath RFC

Second oldest football club in the world - Cray Wanderers FC

Also, resting place of WG Grace, the first world famous cricket celebrity - Elmers End

Not forgetting it's also home of 'Rotherhithe Rita' - responsible for introducing Shane Warne to the delights of text messaging (amongst other things) on the Aussies 1993 tour.

"Mark Anthony, Brutus, Plato, Montezuma, Aristotle - your boys took one hell of a beating!!"

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Anonymous said...

All these geriatrics. No wonder Kent never wins anything.