Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crying of the Chappell

Thanks to Tony at After Grog Blog for pointing this out.

It's common knowledge that there's no love lost between Both' and Chappell (I). There seem to be so many conflicting stories and theories surrounding the famous night in the Melbourne bar in 1977 that you expect to hear next that Chappell was standing on a grassy knoll when Beefy lamped him - 'back and to the left' indeed...

As for Chappell's comment about 'skeletons in Botham's closet', are there any more that could come out that would really shock us? Unmasked as a member of the Socialist Workers Party, or co-author of a vegetarian cookbook with Alan Lamb perhaps.

Maybe what really rankles with Australians is Botham's Ashes record - played 33, won 17, drew 10, lost 6.

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Uncle J rod said...

Botham being Imran Khans lover, Botham the lost Bin Laden brother. Botham, actually the worlds greatest ever hermafradite crickter, Botham is the lindberg baby, Ian Botham male gigilo.