Thursday, October 18, 2007


Phone transcript - Giles Clarke, at the time candidate for the vacant chairmanship of the ECB, phones one of the eighteen county chairmen.

GC - "Mr County Chairman, this is Giles Clarke"

Mr CC - "Morning Gles, how can I help?"

GC - "I'm just having a quick ring-round, seeing if I can persaude you to vote for me for ECB Chairman."

Mr CC - "What's it worth?"

GC - "What did you have in mind?"

Mr CC - "Well, here at Nottingham/Edgbaston/Manchester/Durham/The Oval/Southampton/Bristol/Cardiff we rely heavily on income from international matches to keep our head above water (unlike Worcestershire who relied on water wings most of the summer...) Seems a bit unfair that Lords gets two tests and at least two ODIs each summer, whilst the rest of us have to scrap over the remains."

GC - "I see what you mean. Vote for me and I'll see what I can do"

Mr CC - "Will do!"

Looks like the Chairmen are calling in their debts. Scroll down to 'Grounds for Concern'

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Stuart said...

Don't you just love the politics of sport! Forget about what is in the best interest of the game, and focus on what we can get out of it.

Nice blog by the way - well done.