Thursday, December 13, 2007

War and Peace

The following is an unedited transcript of the BBC Home Service news from 6th August 1945.

Before reading it, it's worth bearing in mind that at this time the BBC was effectively the authoritative voice of freedom throughout the world. During the war, families and friends had religiously gathered every evening around wireless sets to listen to, and digest, each news bulletin. (No reality TV in those days) People across Occupied Europe had done likewise, risking a one-way trip to a concentration camp or even a bullet in the back of the head if they got caught. All over the world it became an umbilical cord to liberty and a beacon of light for millions of people enduring darkness.

Good Evening,

President Truman has announced a tremendous achievement by the Allied scientists. They have produced an atomic bomb. One has already been dropped on a Japanese Army base. it alone contains as much explosive power as two thousand of our great ten tonners. The president has also foreshadowed the enormous peacetime value of harnessing atomic energy.

At home, it's been a Bank Holiday of thunderstorms as well as sunshine. A record crowd at Lords has seen Australia make 286 for five wickets

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