Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Drugs Don't Work

America's Pastime takes a BIG hit.

A lot of the respected journalists (Peter Gammons for example) who you'd normally go to for insight and decent comment about this, are coming down on the players side - 'guilty without trial' etc. Which means that either: -

1)The report is a total and utter fabrication from start to finish. (Unlikely)

2)Those reporters have been wandering around clubhouses with their eyes shut for the past twenty years. (Unlikely)

3) They knew what was happening and couldn't bring themselves to report it because they thought it might threaten their future access to the players, and they were quite happy to collude in a scandal that's going to cause Baseball irreperable harm. (Sadly, very possible)


Dinnie said...

There's one I know who comes close to the third. He pitched a similar story to, which the editor rejected. He wasn't afraid, but I guess the editor was.

David Barry said...

Cycling has an annoyingly similar problem with respect to journalists, although cycling fans seem not to care about the doping quite so much (I think - I don't really know what the fans' attitude is in baseball). "They're all doping anyway", and have been for decades.

It'd be nice for a cycling journalist not to pretend to be shocked when it's revealed that a cyclist's been taking drugs though. Sure, be surprised that his doctor let him get caught, but don't be surprised at the drugs themselves....

Uncle J rod said...

Embedded is a dirty word.