Sunday, December 09, 2007

Third Eye

It's surely only a matter of time now before a batsman sees the replay of his dismissal on the big screen on the way off the park and refuses to leave the field until the umpires consult the third umpire.

KP came very close to that today. I can only assume that he must have had some sort of signal from the England dressing room along the lines of "get off the field now or your match fee goes up in smoke", which would have persauded him to continue on his way.

I liked Ian Ward's suggestion from the Sky Studio - fit the umpires up with some sort of buzzer that the third umpire can use if he feels there should be a referral. I also liked Rob Key's comment about making it a cattle prod! Alistair Cook will doubtless concur that Daryl Harper could well do with 50,000 volts coarsing through his veins after his LBW shocker.


Tony said...

That KP decision was a shocker, as was Cook's ElBee.

The way the commentators tried to talk it down was slimy. Even Botham, who seemed to want to have a lash, was reluctant to get stuck in. Has "official broadcasting" reduced commentary to the point where callers are scared to offend? Don't answer that. It's pathetic.

Get off the fence, you blancmanges.

Steve said...

Whingers! Since when did England make such a song and dance about umpiring errors that benefitted them? Like the 2005 Ashes 2nd Test last ball shocker by Billy Bowden that gave them the match, and possibly the series. The one where Kasper shoudn't have been give out, as the video replay showed. Dodn't notice Vaughan and KP demanding better umpires for THAT one!!