Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Tea Vicar?

If he weren't already safely esconced in the celestial Green Room, I'd have guessed that Brian Rix, he of 'Whitehall Farce' fame, was running the ECB Public Relations machine at the moment, such has been the ludicrous nature of recent events.

In the past couple of weeks, Michael Vaughan has been quoted as saying that dual captaincy didn't work. (He hasn't tried to lie about that quote either) What he neglected to add was that it didn't work for him. Atherton and Hollioake managed to make a fair fist of it.

Yesterday morning we had an announcement that an announcement would be made at the end of the day about Michael Vaughan's ODI leadership. Presumably giving Vaughan the day to fall on his sword?

Now that the reluctant Vaughan has aceded to their wishes, we are told that the new captain will be announced at the end of the week. Why? Don't they know yet? Or are they waiting for a media driven tide of momentum to evolve before releasing the name. Can tides evolve? - that's one for the creationist loons to ponder on...

If it's Collingwood - why not just say so now? If it isn't, then say so.

It's a new England One Day International captain for heavens sake, a job that current has all the allure of being head of the German Army in 1945.

Maybe the PR people are going to try to spice up the announcement. Perhaps David Graveney's trousers will fall down as he walks on stage in front of the cameras, and whilst trying to help pull them up Peter Moores will trip over a end up with his head stuck in a wastepaper basket...

Or maybe they'll simply announce that KP will be the new skipper - that really will be a farce!


David Hinchliffe - Cricket Fitness, Coaching and Tips said...

Wouldn't it be a delight to see a bold choice?

England are rubbish at playing the One Day game so lets forget trying to be Better-Than-The-Aussies-At-Their-Own-Game and come up with some of our own innovations.

KP as captain could be the first one?

Mark said...

Agree about ending the 'All things Australian' obsession... but not sure that picking KP as skipper is the best way to start.

If 2011 World Cup is the target, then the next twelve months should be the time to start mapping out some sort of strategy and developing some of the players you feel should be forming the basis of the 2011 side.

Be nice to have Tresco back!