Saturday, June 16, 2007

Arise Sir Ian...

Here at the TRSM Socialist Republic, we've long thought the Honours System is a total establishment fix, and that there are all sorts of people wandering around with undeserved letters before or after their name. ("Cough" Paul Collingwood "Cough")

However, we're prepared to set aside our principled opposition for this: -

102 Test Matches
5200 Runs
383 Wickets
120 Catches

....and over TEN MILLION POUNDS raised for Cancer Research.


Olly Onions said...

The Onions' favourite Beefy moment can be found here:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. If ever you were going to honour a cricketer, Beefy would be the one.

One of the few English cricketers over recent decades who would actually make it into an Australian side.

Ol said...

'Both' is the most important English cricketer since WG Grace. His effect on the English test team of the 80's was incalculable. Bobby Simpson said Both was so good he was actually bad for English cricket since he made up for everyone else's deficiencies so we thought we had an OK team rather than a standing joke.

But you don't get knighted for hitting a ball with a stick, you do it for making a difference to the lives of others. Beefy was talking about his charity work the other day - and I can't ever remember him referring to it before because he really 'doesn't like to talk about it' - and he said when he started his walks the survival rate for leukaemia was 20%. Now it's 80%.

All that said, he has turned into a replica of the pompous asses that he used to despise - but that happens to us all , doesn't it ?

dannyp said...

What a load of bollox! You can't have it both ways - the whole honours system is an ego bandwagon that should have been scrapped donkeys years ago - rock on David Bowie!!!