Thursday, March 01, 2007

Stiff Little Fingers

I've heard of suffering for your art but Jacob Oram is close to taking it to an entirely new level entirely.

What's not clear is whether he's planning to perform the 'operation' himself...

There was once an American Baseball pitcher called Mordechi 'Three Fingers' Brown - but that particular moniker was derived through an accident with some farming equipment rather than any descent into the realms of self-harm.

Middlesex and England spinner Fred Titmus lost some toes on his right foot, but again that was due to an accident, rather than disappearing to his hotel room with a bottle of brandy and a meat cleaver, which is what Oram seems to be implying.

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Tony.T said...

There is a footballer here, Mark, who had a finger amputated so he could continue his career.

(Good looking blog, by the way.)