Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Needle & the Damage Done


The odds on Pakistan just lengthened rapidly.

It's a shame really. As I've said before, any big tournament like a Cricket World Cup needs its share of big characters to fill the stage - and they don't come much bigger than the Rawlpindi Express.


candyman said...

Cricket has a bad reputation of letting big characters get away breaking the rules (reference Shane Warne, Mark Waugh and now Shoaib). Its good to see that may be starting to change. Having Shoaib and Asif play would make a mockery of the World Cup and a mockery of World cricket.

Mark said...

Fair comment Candyman. I wasn't condoning what Shoaib has done - just that it's a shame he won't be there.

The sight of him roaring in to bowl has been one of the most dramatic sporting images over the past ten years or so.