Sunday, March 11, 2007

Even Better than the Real Thing?

Harrowdrive has a nice piece on a fairly recent phenomenon that irritates the hell out of me - the idea that 'so and so' is ready to be picked for the Test/ODI side because he's been performing well in the nets.

The contrast between net sessions & playing in the middle are immense. Both have their purpose, but to say that someones net form can justify them being picked for the full side is total nonsense.

Understandably teams have issues with tour schedules that limit the number of warm up games before Test Matches start - but there are simple solutions to the lack of competitive play. Why not arrange your own games 'off schedule' against local club sides, or at least get games for a couple of players you feel might need some match conditioning.

Or even, as Greg Chappell suggests in the link, sort out your own scenarios out in the middle.

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David Hinchliffe - Cricket fitness, coaching and tips said...

It's the same at every level. Club teams have nets because it's what they have always done rather than what works.

I would like to think that is less prevelant in the professional game, but it may even be more so.