Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reverse Swing's 115th Dream

How about this as a scenario...

England get totally humiliated by Australia in their remaining three group games, but manage to pick up enough points from games with New Zealand to get into the final.

Someone (Strauss with the bat, Showpony with the ball, Freddie with either...) then uses the preceding humiliation as suitable motivation to turn in a match winning performance and England win the final.

Unjust? - Yes
Unfair? - Yes
Unlikely? - Yes
Enough to keep us laughing all winter if it actually happens? - You bet!

(Don't tell me no one else has thought of this!)


Anonymous said...

Tell 'im he's dreaming...

Tom H said...

Ahahahahaha, good Lord, I can't breathe, I'm laughing so hard.

England win a final? Against Australia?

Geez, you're a funny buggar, keep 'em comin'.

(Remember all those celebrations you guys had 15 months ago? Consider this payback :))

Tony.T said...

Back in 1997/98 South Africa beat Australia in every match of the CUB Series (as it was called) and then won the first final. Australia then won the next two finals to win the trophy.

We laughed until we stopped.

Soups said...

The finals are best-of-three!!!!!
Could lightning strike twice - doubt it. But keep dreaming...