Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's a Man's World...

Here at TRSM we're only too willing to offer unsolicited advice to anyone who appears to need it. We're also very much aware that you can learn a lot by how other sportsmen go about their business.

For example: -

If Hershelle Gibbs and all the other sensitive flowers in the South Africa team are getting fed up at the comments they are hearing from spectators, this might be the solution they are looking for!

And if any batsman is getting wound up by the incessant sledging ringing in his ears, how about this as a riposte?

Incidently, guess which player in that second clip would have received the harsher disciplinary penalty? (Answer in the 'comments' below)

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Mark said...

One-on-one fighting in the NHL is technically legal - protagonists will each receive a four minute penalty in the 'sin bin'.

However, to ensure fights do not escalate into mass brawls, there is a severe penalty for being 'third man in' to any fight - and anyone going in 'third' is likely to receive the sort of derision from the crowd that is normally reserved in cricket for someone who claims a catch when it's clearly bounced in front of him.

'Goaltender Salo' therefore, would have probably got a game or two suspension - whilst Cloutier would have just got the four minute sit-down.

Of course, they'd have had to put Salo's brains back in his head before any penalty could be served.