Thursday, March 18, 2010

'One ball' or 'No ball'...

There's no other word for this but mind-boggling.
He had come to them one day and asked whether he might watch an eleven of cricket at play so as to become initiated into the mysteries of our national game,” writes Locker- Lampson. “They welcomed him, of course, and wrote out the rules for him in the best British sport-loving spirit.”
First reaction was the check the dateline, making sure I hadn't accidentally slept away 14 days and it was now April 1st.

On closer perusal, you start to see the cracks - Rothermere actually owned The Daily Mail, not the Mirror - coining the charming headline 'Hurrah for the Blackshirts' as Mosley's thugs were marching through the East End. Would Hitler have still been 'recovering from his wounds' five years after the war ended? And why were the British officers still in Germany at that time?

Then you realise that Mr Locker-Lampson MP was one of a frightening large group of Nazi sympathisers in the Tory Party at the time, so there's a big potential ulterior motive for trying to 'humanise' Hitler in this way.

So I'm calling 'bluff'.

Thanks to Tone for the heads up though.

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Tony.T said...

Now that you mention it, I scratched my head about the injury recovery business, too. He was both recovering from injuries five years after the war AND he was at the Putch. And I was most definitely puzzled by the mention of Blueshirts, not Blackshirts.

Didn't know about Rothermere.