Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harry's Game

Athers made the good point today that one side-effect of the review process could be a general reduction in the level of respect given to umpires further down in the game - club and school cricket specifically.

Sadly, I think we're already far too close to that position already. I present as evidence the fourteen year old opening bowler (public school educated, no less) playing against us for an old boys side we've had some fantastic games against for about forty years, calling our umpire a f***** cheating c**** when he had an LBW call turned down.

Before you ask what his parents are thinking, note that his Dad was the captain, and after we'd reported the incident, he was allowed to carry on bowling.

We didn't even get an apology, merely an explanation that 'he's very competitive'...


Anonymous said...

Sadly, it's happening a lot in my neck of the woods (Lincolnshire). Never had a kid get quite as potty mouthed as that though.

Did you report him to the league?

Mark said...

Anon - it wasn't a league game, merely a 'friendly' Sunday afternoon affair.

God knows how he behaves when there's actually something at stake!