Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cut Across, Shorty!

However much we rail against the incompetancies of cricket's governing bodies, we can surely be thankful that none of them will ever stoop (literally) to the levels of Bernie Ecclestone -


Ecclestone also said he is looking at ways to make Grand Prix racing more of a spectacle including adding shortcuts to the circuits in the future.

The 79-year-old Briton is looking at the idea of allowing each Formula One driver the option of using a shortcut on each Grand Prix track a maximum of five times to help make the races more appealing to television audiences.

The cricketing equivalent of this would be, oh, allowing a bowler to bowl one ball an over from fifteen yards perhaps.

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Tony.T said...

Cut across, Short - nice.

Rod's had a weird career: Two or three years rocking out with the Faces; two or three years making dead set classics solo; 35 or 36 years taking the piss out of himself.

Surely there will be a movie villain based on Bernie. Dr Evil, maybe.