Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random thoughts

Some thoughts from the Centurion Test: -

- First Cardiff, then this. So much for test cricket being 'dead'.

- The expression 'world-weary' might have specifically been created for Jaques Kallis.

- Either Sir Geoffrey spent every session behind the microphone chewing toffees, or his dentures don't fit.

- Mark Boucher is one of those 'players you hate, but would love to have on your side'. A sort of Robbie Savage in flannels.

- How do ex-England skippers decide whether they are BBC or Sky? Vaughan, Gatting, Gooch, Stewart - The Beeb. Nasser, Atherton, Gower, Botham - Sky...`

- During a three way discussion with Gower and Bumble about the review process on the 4th day, Sreean came close to ripping off his microphone and storming out of the box. 'Let me finish what I'm saying, you always do'...

- Talking of the review process, what does it honestly add to the game? Why not simply copy rugby union and give the umps the right to ask a question of the TV umpire if they aren't sure of something ('Can I give him out?') rather than have an appeals process.

- Memo to Graham Onions - Fast bowlers aren't meant to have opinions beyond moaning about spinners taking cheap wickets after the batsmen have been softened up by the quicks. If someone sticks a microphone in your face agan, just mumble platitudes about taking each session as it comes and so on.

- AB De Villiers is in the Michael Clarke and VVS Laxman mode of being one of the batsmen you actually enjoy watching score runs off the England attack.

Alistair Cook and Ian Bell. Discuss...


The Old Batsman said...

The word is Vaughan will cross the rubicon. Just using TMS for a bit of a tune-up, as they says...

Mark said...

Ooh, that'll make life interesting.

Not wishing to over-analyse what goes on in the box, but a Vaughan/Atherton/Hussain axis could make for real fun and games.