Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Politics of Envy

According to this article, Eton College has twenty seven cricket pitches.

The college is also letting Langley use its cricket pitches of which it has an amazing 27, all of which can be in use by Eton at the same time.


For comparison purposes -

There are six all-boys comprehensive schools in the London Borough I live in. One is a 'sports college' so we'll assume they've got a couple of pitches. The school my eldest son attends has one pitch, which is a single artificial strip sited about twenty yards from the goal area of one of the football pitches - which must make fielding close to the wicket interesting during the summer.

The borough I live in is pretty affluent, so I'd guess that the situation is actually better here than in most of the other London Boroughs.


The Old Batsman said...

Don't worry, there are plenty at South African schools. We'll get our players from there.

I heard George Osbourne can bat, but Cameron can't pick the doosra. Which is disappointing considering how much Eton costs.

Chris said...

I believe there are no grass wickets in the boroughs of Islington or Tower Hamlets. Pretty shabby!

Anonymous said...

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Mark said...

Nice! Looks like all those grammar lessons at Eton College were wasted on you, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...
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