Thursday, July 02, 2009

Life in the fast lane

Brett Lee's five wicket haul at New Road, coming immediately after getting bawled out by his skipper for fraterizing with the home fans, sets Australia something of a conundrum for the first test.

All the evidence suggests that Cardiff is a slow wicket - from the matches played there so far this season , to the fact that Steve Harmison has stated that he doesn't want to play there, but would rather play on the quicker pitch at Lords, which tells you all you need to know about Harmison, and must come as a huge relief to the selectors...

Yet Australia now seem ready, almost by default, to go into the game with a four-pronged pace attack, leaving the spinning to North and Michael Clarke.

Admittedly, if your main spinning option is Hauritz, then this could be seen as addition by subtraction, but it's a handy little boost for England, just FIVE DAYS before the game starts.


Crazy Craves said...

Bollocks. Straya could pick anyone in the touring party and still beat Engerland hands down. Hauritz, Schmauritz. Bing Lee will bounce it and go for the neck in Cardiff, the Johnson kiddie will be well aware that Poms hate quick lefties, Ol’ Man Siddle might find some upside down sideways forward reverse swing swing swing, and Clark [no e] will think he's on a slow, flat deck at Bankstown and bowl fast accordingly. The Strayan top five batting order will look after themselves, and Engerland will be required to cop a gigantic tusk up the runter. It’s game over, I’m afraid.

harry said...

Hmmm, interesting analysis, Mr Crazy Craves. That's not your name tho' is it?

I think I can unmask you.... you're really Benaud, aren't you?

Or is it Sir Les?

Cheers, enjoy your beer