Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Battle Royale!

The biggest confrontation this summer? Forget KP v Johnson or Flintoff v Ponting - it's Hussain v Warne in the Sky commentary box... that's the one to watch.

Originally I thought that it would be the mighty clash of egos between Beefy and Shane that would set off the fireworks, but on further review, I think Botham is ever so slightly laid back enough to brush off the inevitable barbed comments that Warne is going to throw out there. After all, in his career Botham had a good records in Ashes series, so he's got plenty to fall back on when it comes to the sort of 'banter' we're liable to witness.

Nasser, however, is a different matter. Warne wound him up something rotten when they were 22 yards apart, and there's no doubt that Nas is perfectly happy to rise to any bait offered when he' behind the microphone.

Expect some sparky exchanges when they are on air together.

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