Sunday, June 07, 2009


Increase in Chris Gayle's pulse rate during his batting assault on the Australians on Saturday at the Oval? Nil.

At one stage I got the impression that if he hadn't had a bat to lean on he'd have descended into a narcoleptic coma.


AndyBatt said...

I was thinking that too - the guy looks almost comatose between balls.

Nice hitting though - he almost hit some Brett Lee deliveries into the Thames!

David said...

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kamrul hasan said...

West Indian skipper Chris Gayle is in good form. He leads his team to the semi-final round single handedly. Opponent team’s bowlers always feel worry about him. He is enough to destroy any strong bowling line-up. I think this time West Indies can hold the trophy. Nothing is impossible because Twenty20 cricket likes to make upset.