Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Propaganda

The ‘turd in the punchbowl’ award of this T20 World Cup goes to New Zealand for their crass accusation of ball tampering against Pakistan – soon after they’d been skittled by Umar Gul for 99 in a particularly inept batting display.

- Forget the fact that the umpire automatically gets to inspect the ball after each dismissal, plus is allowed to demand an inspection at any other time during the game if he feels there is a suspicion of foul play

- Forget the fact that there are at least fifteen cameras trained on the players during play, so a bowler could hardly pick his nose without images being thrown up on the big screen, let alone rough up the ball

- Forget that the ball had landed on concrete a couple of times earlier in the innings – something that tends to have a roughening effect to say the least

No, they’d been bowled out cheaply and got stuffed in a game that a lot of neutral observers (this one included) had tipped them to win – therefore Pakistan must have done it illegally.

The match officials promptly exonerated Pakistan, but it’s all now gone very quiet as we wait for anything approaching an apology from New Zealand. You’d like to think that they might end up on the end of a ‘bringing the game into disrepute’ charge after this sort of bullshit, but you’re not holding your breath. For a sporting nation who reacted like a maiden aunt accused of vivisection after the Brian O'Driscoll ‘spearing’ incident on the 2005 Lions Tour it’s all a bit rich.

In fact, it’s offensive and pathetic.


AndyBatt said...

Nice post Mark. The 'if Pakistan is winning then they must be cheating' reaction is borderline racist. Time people started getting called out for it.

Rob said...

I agree. If Jimmy Anderson had done what Umar Gul managed he would by lauded as a public hero showing the world what a quality player he is.

Bad sportsmanship by New Zealand, they should be ashamed.

Gul was magnificent against South Africa.

Anonymous said...

^^ What the Hell has racism got to do with it. They accused Australia of cheating last time they were there. People that call others racist for no reason are as bad as racists.