Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tears for Souvenirs

Literally, a crying shame but probably inevitable given the circumstances.

This bit is rather worrying, to say the least -

"There was no immediate confirmation, though much speculation, about whether Kevin Pietersen would take over as England's Test and one-day captain."

We need KP concentrating on scoring runs - nothing else. At the moment he's all we really have, so it would be lunacy to ask him to captain the test side.


Thomas Rooney said...

Who else could we go for though? Who else is 100% guarenteed a place in both forms of the game? Bell? Cook? Freddie? Monty? It has to be KP for me and I am personally looking forward to seeing him captain the side....

Mark said...

The selectors have painted thmeselves into a corner by insisting that the same person captains both forms of the game. There's no specific reason why this has to be the case.

Choosing KP is a high roll of the dice from a group of people who've been afraid to even let the dice out of their hand recently. I'd love it to work, but fear the worst.

harry said...

I think Ronnie Wood knows what strange mixture of heady emotions they are going thro'