Tuesday, August 05, 2008

An All-Run Four

- Good to see Matt Prior recalled to the England one day squad. All rather confusing though, bearing in mind it was less than two months ago that the Chairman of Selectors was saying that they wanted to have the same keeper in both forms of the game...

- When you think about it, KP was really the only logical choice the selectors could have made, bearing in mind that for the past eighteen months or so he's been the only person who has consistently been able to justify his place in the side.

- The toss-up on Thursday will be worth the ticket price alone: -

"Hids or tails?"
"Nah, you call - hids or tails?"
"Call it you muppitt - hids or tails?"
"Nah, it's mugs away Mr Ego - you call..."
(and so on)

KP now becomes the first England captain to sport a tattoo since Colin Cowdrey who, famously, had an image of Janis Joplin tattooed onto his left buttock after a monumental rum and ganga session in the West Indies on the 1967/68 tour.


Jrod said...

KP the bastard love child of Cowdrey and Joplin?

Mark said...


The mind boggles!

Ceci said...

Suspect Cowdrey could get life size tattoo of Janis on his buttock, with room for Crosby Stills and Nash too