Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, Farewell then...

Stephen Fleming.

To my mind, Fleming is probably the second best New Zealand test player ever. I know those of a certain age get all dewy eyed when they talk about Martin Donnelly, and that John Reid basically carried a woeful Kiwi side for about a decade, and for a couple years in the early seventies Glenn Turner was probably the best opener in the world, and Martin Crowe is one of the great 'what might have beens had injury not taken its toll' stories.... but in all honesty they've only had one true world -class player in their history (Hadlee) and I don't think Fleming comes up to that standard.

However, he can certainly take his place as one of the best-ever captains. Leaving results aside, which are very much dependant on the players available to you at the time, the one true measurement of captaincy is how you manage to get the most out of the players you lead. Ultimately this is what captaincy is all about, and Fleming is up there with Benaud, Cheetham, Worrell, Illingworth, Ranatunga and Alan Border at the very top of the captaincy tree.

New Zealand are going to miss him... badly.


The Atheist said...

Ross Taylor looks pretty good. As does young Southee.

But you're a bit harsh on Martin Crowe. He has a very impressive record.

Tony said...

Which Hadlee? Dayle, Walter or Barry?

I reckon Ross Taylor's a slappy bottom-hand hack.

Martin Crowe was very, very good.

Mark said...

Fair comment on Crowe... I hadn't realised that he played 77 tests. I always had the feeling that he was forever out with some injury or other.