Sunday, November 18, 2007

Iron Heel

Lest we forget, 15 years later, he's under house arrest and things are looking decidedly 'wobbly' in Pakistan.

Of course, it's not like other test playing nations are free from civil upheaval. After all, the day after this game finished in 1975 the democratically elected government of the hosts was overthrown in a coup as equally effective as that in Chile two years before.


David Barry said...

Perhaps I'm showing my young age here, but I'm amazed that they got more than twelve thousand people to one day of a tour match.

obaid said...

Imran is still under arrest even though 3000+ people have been released today. He's been booke dunder more serious anti-terrorism charges and it is unlikely that he will be released soon

I just hope that he gets out soon and that he stays safe