Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rock around the Clock

A huge day of sport yesterday - all three internation teams on show - plus other assorted televisual feasts to help you wear a groove in the sofa.

So, how did it go?


Up early to watch Hawthorn beat the Adelaide Crows in the AFL elimination finals (effectively the quarter finals) The Hawks first 'post season' since 2001. They trailed by as many as 25 at one stage, and at the end of the third quarter seemed on their knees, but came back to win by three. So the Richie Vandenberg farewell tour isn't quite over yet.


Sorted out all my household chores whilst listening to a re-broadcast of the Red Sox/Orioles game from earlier in the morning. The Sox won 4-0 behind another strong start by Jon Lester to maintain their seven game lead over the MFYs in the AL East.


Tune into the cricket - which remains on through one medium or another through until 5pm.
Anderson continuing where he left off in the previous games of this series, giving Ganguly a real roughing up. Tendulkar gets a shocker, and stands there as though he's about to use the 'these people have paid to watch me, not you' line - first attributed to WG Grace.

Having so many different sports on in such close proximity gives you the chance to compare and contrast the players reaction to official decisions. For example - compare and contrast: -

Exhibit A - The aforementioned shocker from Aleem Dar. Tendulkar looks nomplussed, but eventually toddles off. Even for that five second pause at the crease, hoever, he's likely to be fined half his match fee.

Exhibit B - The continual whining to the referee in professional football over every decision, and surrounding him every time a big decision goes against their team. Why bother? You can count the number of times a ref has changed a decision on the toes of Fred Titmus's right foot.

Exhibit C - Critical Heineken Cup match last winter. Llanelli are three points down in the last minute. They have a penalty twenty yards from the posts which will tie the game if they kick it. Fly half asks the ref (using the words 'How long left Sir?') how long to go, and the reply suggests that there's time to kick to the corner for the line-out and drive. Player therefore kicks, and the ref blows up for time! Result - some mild protests, and a few cross words in the press, but that's all. Imagine the toys that would have flown out of the pram had it happened in the Premier League? You'd have been talking legal action...


Back in the cricket, Fred is having more problems with his ankle (Should we be calling him Achilles by now?) and looks like he's going to miss the 20/20 championship, but on the plus side Mascara bowls himself onto the plane with a superb spell.


This exchange on Sky: -

Botham (after a disagreement with Hussain) - "We haven't got any more time to discuss this now Nas. We can debate it later, but you're not going to change my mind."

Hussain - "Not going to be much of a debate then is it."


Throughout the afternoon England turn in a clinical display. A few minor blips (what was Luke Wright doing?!) but otherwise, very encouraging - much like the series as a whole.


England clinch a well-deserved series win - ten minutes before you'd have had the unique scenario of all three teams playing simultaneously!


Rugby & Football kick off. Time for some nifty remote control work.

England score early in the football, which effectively ruins it as a contest. They look surprisingly competent (absence of Lampard helped there) and have it all safely tied up by early in the second half.

Usual struggle in the rugby, though to be fair, the USA looked defensively very competent. England score enough points to make the game safe - but rather alarmingly weren't able to pad their lead in the last twenty minutes.


Two other alternatives come into play: -

1) Full repeat showing of Collingwood/Sydney Swans

2) Live coverage of Oklahoma v Miami in NCAA Football.


Cricket highlights on Channel 5.


Oklahoma hammer Miami, and then Oregon v Michigan starts.

... and so on!


Anonymous said...

They're showing the AFL finals in the UK?

Mark said...

Indeed they are! Setanta have had a 'Game of the Week' all season, and they are showing all the post season - 'live' or as near as dammit!

Tony.T said...

It's often the way. Botham was the better cricketer, but is the lesser commentator.

Mark said...

You could argue that cricketers performance in the commentary box tend to reflect their cricketing character.

Botham is convinced he's the best there ever was, Nasser is spikey, Atherton is reliable and effective and Gower is smooth.

Theory falls flat with Bill Lawry though....