Monday, September 24, 2007

I Don't Like Mondays

What sort of lunatic organisation schedules a grand final for a Monday lunchtime?

Maybe there are sinister right-wing ICC forces at work that fancy going up against Gordon Brown's speech from Bournmouth!

The only other final I can ever remember being played on a Monday was the Gillette Cup Final in 1974. Scorecard here. Read it and weep Lancashire fans! 118 all out off 60 overs?! These days India would fancy their chances getting over 500 in that time.

Look at some of the bowling figures. Norman Graham was a pretty useful quick bowler, who could bring the ball down from Garneresque heights, but 12-6-14-2 for heaven's sake! That makes Derek Underwood's performance look positively profligate!

What were Lancashire doing - playing for a draw?

I had tickets for the final, and spent the Saturday up in St Johns Wood staring forlornly out at a very wet Lords. On the Monday my parents agreed to me playing hookey from school to go and watch SuperKent finally give the northern upstarts a hiding - and get some revenge for 1971 (the Asif/Bond final) and 1972 (Lost the semi at Old Trafford)

On the way over to my grandparents - who were taking me that day, it started hammering down again so Dad made the unilateral decision that it was going to be rained off a third time and took me to school instead... When I got home at 3.30 and put the TV on Lancashire were 80-5!!

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