Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Worcester Sauce

Just a thought, but when Worcestershire are fined points for the recent 'farcical aquatic ceremony' (Ref - Holy Grail) played out at New Road, could Kent not be given the points that Worcester are deducted?

After all, it's the White Horse county that have suffered most through this - apart from the spectators of course. Lying in the bottom half of the first division table, Kent would have been looking for a good haul of points over the past four days against the bottom county. Instead, thanks to the refusal of the Worcester authorities to agree to having the game moved, they have ended up with a measly four - whilst rivals Surrey made hay while the sun shone (in
London at least) and picked up a handy eighteen points by beating Durham.

In addition, the Kent team have effectively been sent on a four day wild- goose-chase, kicking their heels in the changing room and at their hotel, when they could have been much better employed elsewhere.

Barring an unprecendented 100 degree heatwave mixed with a brisk wind, the Worcester groundsman must have been aware well before the scheduled start of the game that conditions were unplayable - and would remain so throughout the four days - but the chairman was cynically quite prepared to let the scheduled start arrive without an recourse to relocating the game - either to Kidderminster, or even to Beckenham, which was the Kent offer.

Whilst you have to have some sympathy for the financial position the weather has put Worcestershire in, don't forget that Kent are liable to suffer equally badly if they are relegated at the end of the season.

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dannyp said...

Well, praise be! The ECB actually came up with a satisfactory resolution to this sorry affair, Credit where credit is due.