Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two Sevens Clash

According to Vic Marks (admitted not the most reliable of sources, but sometimes you justhave to go with what you can get) England are seriously considering letting Michael Vaughan bat number seven and twirl his occasional off-spinners for the rest of the tournament.

Three problems with this...

1) It smacks of utter desparation

2) If you want someone to bowl the occasional over of off-spin, what's wrong with Kevin Pietersen? This might also help address another problem that I can forsee a few years down the road when KP starts getting mega pissed off with carrying the England ODI team around on his shoulders and starts looking round for another country to play for - after all, he does have 'form' in this regard. Giving him some extra work to do might occupy his mind and keep him on board a bit longer.

3) We've got a perfectly good number seven who bowls a bit in Jamie Dalrymple - and Dalrymple is probably the second best fielder in the squad after Collingwood.

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