Friday, April 20, 2007

Mouth Almighty

Now we know why Michael Vaughan batted so slowly in the World Cup - he's had special coaching!

Memo to Vaughan - If you're going to entrust someone with a secret, don't pick on a blabbermouth like Sir Geoffrey. It reminds me of the scene in 'Family Guy' when Peter Griffin was hanging out with Manson Family - "I've been invited to a party at Sharon Tate's house - you can all come too but you've got to promise to behave yourselves!"

And is Boycott really so insecure hat he feels it necessary to post the first comment under his own articles!

PS - Sorry for posting a link to the Torygraph - won't happen again.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the Torygraph? They have some excellent cricket writers.

Mark said...

No problem with their cricket writers - it's their politics I have difficulty with!!

Anonymous said...

That's the stupidest reason to boycott a sports page that I have ever heard. Atherton is a quality analyst, and is pretty much essential. Nicholas is much better in print then behind a microphone.

My view is, you go to the Guardian for reportage and the Telegraph for analysis.

Do the English read the Australian press, I wonder?

Mark said...

Fair comment- colour me stupid!

I'll only buy one daily paper, and then read parts of others online as and when there's time.

Yes, the English do read the Aussie press. This particular Englishman reads the Age, mainly for the Footy but also for the cricket and current affairs.