Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ashes Ramblings 2

The soap opera continues: -

Steve says sorry to Ricky - and Ricky just seems to shrug his shoulders and says 'that's cricket mate' while the rest of us are tearing our hair out and thinking about the old days when English fast bowlers used to feast on broken glass and sulphuric acid, and never apologised for anything.

Glenn comes out with a few more barbs, but you can tell he's only going through the motions and his heart isn't really in it.

Duncan reckons he's got his team for the first test already pencilled in. Geraint looks confident, whilst Chris isn't quite so sure.

According to people who know about this sort of thing, the pictures of Freddie in the gym suggest that he is 'well fit' (whatever that means...)

Ashley hasn't been quoted in the press for days now - I suspect laryngitis.

Michael (remember him?) says he might even be ready for the Third Test.

Shane (you must surely remember him?!) says he's looking forward to taking his 700th wicket during this series.

Alistair is still trying to get his haircut (see below)

Only 14 more days of this sort of thing to go...

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